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Training Videos



Train your team and get up to speed quickly with the included multi-media training videos. There are over 5 and a half hours of video covering nearly all aspects of the software.


You don't need to watch all 5 and a half hours.... just skip around and watch the topics that you need to learn about.


Sample Lessons (in YouTube):


Each lesson is a short movie of the actual software in action. The instructor takes you step-by-step through real-world examples as he explains each of the features of the software. You can pause, fast-forward, and rewind at any time. Watch videos as many times as you wish.



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Partial List of Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • New Features
  • Getting Help
  • Drawing aids
  • Selecting objects
  • Layers
    • Overview
    • Colors
    • Hidden and locked layers
    • Layer commands
  • Grouping
  • Scaled hatching
  • Annotations
    • Overview
    • Annotations on/off
    • Line annotations
    • Curve annotations
    • Tract annotations
    • Curve and line tables
  • Entering a Deed
  • Editing drawing objects
  • Drawing arrowheads and leader lines
  • Setback lines
  • Drawing a house pad
  • Positioning a house pad
  • Measure distance to a house
  • Entering text
  • Text along a curve
  • Text Size
  • Plot scale
  • Drawing rotation
  • Merging drawings
  • Tracts
    • Tract overview
    • Drawing a tract
    • Sectional breakdown
    • Join and explode
    • Editing a tract
  • Subdivide
    • Subdivide overview
    • Trim and extend
    • Fillet command
    • Drawing a road
    • Change area of a lot
    • Advanced snap modes
    • The site calculator
    • Imaging support
    • Creating a deed
  • Subdividing a parcel
    • By drawing a line
    • By equal parts or area
    • Exercise: Creating a subdivision
  • Blocks (symbols)
    • Introduction
    • Block definition
    • Inserting a block
    • Modifying a block
    • Block attributes
    • Default blocks
  • Google Features
    • Exporting to Google Earth
    • Find location in Google Maps



These tutorial videos are included free with every copy of the software.



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