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Tract Plotter

4-in-1 Special Offer

Deed plotting and tract plotting software.


Easy to use Deed-Plotting Software!

Compatible with Windows 11

Apple Users - Click here to learn how to run Deed-Chek on a Mac

Plot deeds, tracts, plats, surveys, legal descriptions, metes and bounds, abstracts, and more.


Perfect for real estate attorneys, real estate agents, ancestry research, title companies and appraisal firms.


Draw the deed then check closure and parcel acreage, check for gaps and overlaps then create a deed plot on your printer or plotter.


With the Automatic Deed-Reader, you can automatically plot deeds and metes and bounds descriptions from a text file or by copying and pasting the deed into the software.


Deed plotting is made easy! Confusing terminology is kept to a minimum and helpful hints are provided at every prompt. To make it even easier, Deed-Chek comes with over 5 hours of video tutorials to show you all aspects of the software as well as entering a deed.


And with the free deed plotting utility, your clients, co-workers, and print shops can plot the deeds as well. This free utility lets them view and plot the deed (but they cannot edit it).


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  • New Version!
  • Plot tracts, deeds, parcels, surveys and legal descriptions.
  • Calculate lot area and closure.
  • Find gaps and overlaps.
  • Draw multiple deeds in a single drawing.
  • Automatically draw a map from deed text.
  • Over 30 linetypes to choose from.
  • Automatic bearings and distances.
  • Access to free deed plotting utility is included.
  • Draw maps from sectional deeds such as "The North 200' of the N.E. 1/4 of the N.W. 1/2..."
  • Add curve and line tables to your map.
  • Mouse-wheel zoom and pan.
  • 256 Layers with custom names.
  • Line types and hatching.
  • Adjust error with Compass Rule adjustment.
  • Plot deed drawings to scale.
  • Plot house plans and site plans.
  • Compare adjoining deeds and lot lines for encroachments.
  • Change text sizes.
  • Analyze deeds, grants, surveys, legal descriptions, metes and bounds and other land information.
  • Deed plotting, parcel plots, tract plotting and more.
  • Want even more features? Then check out Subdivide 24.










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